[Event "Moyle Cup Newton Abbot v Plymouth"] [Site ""] [Date "2019.11.08"] [Round ""] [White "R Wilby"] [Black "M Hussey"] [Result "0-1"] [WhiteECF "132"] [BlackECF "102"] [EventDate "2019.11.02"] [FlipB "1"] 1.d4 Nf6 2.Nf3 g6 3.g3 Bg7 4.Bg2 d6 5.O-O O-O 6.c4 Nbd7 7.Nc3 e5 8.Qb3 c6 9.Rd1 Qc7 10.dxe5 Nxe5 11.Bf4 Be6 12.Bxe5 dxe5 13.Ng5 Bf5 14.e4 Bd7 15.Qc2 h6 16.Nf3 Rad8 17.b4 Nh7 18.Nd2 Qc8 19.f3 Ng5 20.Nf1 {Black has equalised in this Kings' Indian defence and now could take the opportunity to attack more directly with 20....f5.} 20...Ne6 21.Ne2 h5 22.Kh1 b6 23.Qa4 a6 24. Qb3 {Black still has the advantage because his kings' side attack has more prospects than white's queenside attack. Also black's knight has access to a very good outpost on d4, whereas white has no similar outpost for his own knight.} 24...c5 {This move loses lots of black's advantage - now white's knights can easily get to d5 (be careful not to create weak squares when you push pawns).} 25.Ne3 Nd4 26.Nxd4 exd4 27.Nd5 {Now all the advantage has gone - black has to defend his b-pawn and his king's-side attack has almost disappeared.} 27...Qb8 28.f4 Kh8 29.Rab1 Qa7 30.Rb2 Bg4 31.Rd3 Bd7 32.Rf2 a5 33.b5 Kh7 34.a4 Be6 35.Qd1 Rh8 36.e5 $6 {Black dreams of generating play down the h-file but with the queen-side blocked, white is the one with the opportunity for active king-side play. } ( 36.f5 gxf5 37.Qxh5+ Kg8 38.Qg5 $18 {is one possibility} ) 36...Bf5 37.Rdd2 Rd7 38.Bf3 Rhd8 39.Bxh5 $1 {Alert play - white wins a pawn.} 39...Be4+ 40.Bf3 Bxf3+ 41.Qxf3 {White now has a big advantage. His knight is unassailable and he has good prospects on the king's-side.} 41...Qb7 42.h4 Rxd5 $1 {Black realises that the knight is stopping any chance of active play so he makes a positional sacrifice.} 43.cxd5 Rxd5 $6 {Objectively 43....Qxd5 is better - swapping queens and hoping the 2 passed pawns will carry the day.} 44. Kg1 Qd7 45.h5 $1 {This move gives White a strong king's-side attack.} 45...d3 46.hxg6+ fxg6 47.Qe4 Rd4 48.Rh2+ Bh6 49.Qc6 Qg4 50.Qxb6 $4 {White misses his big chance} ( 50.Rxh6+ $1 Kxh6 51.Rh2+ {51....Qh5 prolongs the game for a couple of moves but is hopeless.} 51...Kg7 52.Qf6+ Kg8 53.Rh8# {would have been a nice conclusion.} ) 50...Qxg3+ {But now the tables are turned! White has no defence.} 51.Rhg2 {Other variations also lose eg} ( 51.Kh1 Qe1+ 52.Kg2 Qxd2+ $18 ) ( 51.Kf1 Rxf4+ 52.Rdf2 ( 52.Rhf2 Qh3+ 53. Kg1 Rg4+ 54.Rg2 Be3+ 55.Kf1 Qh1+ 56.Rg1 Qxg1# ) 52...Qxh2 $18 ) 51...Qe1+ 52.Kh2 Bxf4+ 53.Kh3 Qe3+ 54.Kh4 Bxe5+ 55.Rg4 Qg3+ {White resigns as 56....Qxg4 is mate. An illustration of how playing actively (even in a difficult position) can have its reward.} 0-1