[Event "DCCA Paignton Challengers"] [Site "Torquay"] [Date "2019.09.03"] [Round "3"] [White "Brendan O'Gorman"] [Black "Paul Brooks"] [Result "0-1"] [WhiteECF "154"] [BlackECF "163"] [FlipB "1"] 1.b3 d6 2.Bb2 e5 {I like this simple approach to the Nimzowitch-Larsen attack. Black erects a barrier to white's bishop, and gives himself chances of later activity on the king-side.} 3.e3 Nf6 4.Nf3 g6 5.d4 e4 6. Nfd2 Bg7 7.c4 O-O 8.Nc3 Re8 9.Qc2 $6 {The opening has transposed into a reversed Kings Indian Attack. White needs to play with care, otherwise Black will take the initiative. This queen move 'forces' Black into doing what he wants, which is to over-protect the advanced e-pawn. Much better was 9.Be2 with a view to castling quickly on the king-side.} 9...Qe7 10. Be2 h5 11.Nd5 $2 {White has dreams of attacking down the c-file but this is premature. 11.O-O or 11.h3 are viable moves.} 11...Nxd5 12.cxd5 c6 $1 { Black attacks the advanced pawn immediately and at the same time improves his development.} 13.dxc6 Nxc6 14.Ba3 $2 {Far too optimistic. Castling was vital.} 14...Nxd4 $1 {The computer prefers 14...Qg5, but this sacrifice is very thematic. Black takes advantage of white's more open king and poorer development to blast through in the centre and release the power of all his pieces.} 15.exd4 Bxd4 16.Bb2 e3 17.fxe3 $2 {His last chance was 17. Bxd4 exf2+ 18. Kxf2 when he has eliminated one attacker, and it is not completely clear how Black will continue.} 17...Qxe3 18.O-O-O Bf5 $1 { Adding more fuel to the fire.} 19.Bxd4 Qxd4 20.Nf3 Qe3+ {Black cashes in - although the computer prefers 20...Qf6.} 21.Qd2 Qxe2 22.Qxe2 Rxe2 23.Nd4 $2 {A final error, allowing Black's last piece to join the party with decisive effect. 23. Rd2 was the only move, though after 23...Rc8+ 24. Kd1 Rxd2 the ending is completely hopeless.} 23...Rc8+ {It's mate in 3!} 0-1